Lesley Barker

Working in wisdom, knowledge and equity to bring honor, restoration and redemption of lost stories of marginalized people and transformational interpretation to the cultural heritage, public history and museum spheres


When I am

  • Creating an exhibit for your museum, I hope that each visitor will leave asking very different questions than when they arrived. 

  • Speaking for your organization or event, I promise it won't be boring and your audience will leave with usable information and practical new knowledge

  • Contributing strategic leadership, development services, or training for you, I strive to achieve multiple objectives with each action step....

  • Writing something for you, my goal is to put your heart on the paper so that others may be drawn to your side...

  • Working with and for you, I commit to treat you, and others, with honor, to work for the redemption & restoration of lost stories, to expect transformation and to exhibit wisdom

  • Living on earth, I walk every day, since 1973, rooted and grounded through prayer in an active biblical faith and constant dependency on the Lord Jesus Christ