Lesley Barker

Arrange to host a Gathering of Grandparents event in your home (for 8-15 participants), or at your church or community group (for larger groups), by calling or emailing Lesley Barker, the program creator and facilitator. This is a three-hour program during which we look at what the Bible teaches about generations, grandparents and grandchildren. First, we consider the spiritual inheritance we have received from our grandparents. Then, we prayerfully determine what promises, traditions, mementos and legacies we will pass on to the generation of our grandchildren. We wait before the Lord, the Holy Spirit, to receive a scripture, declaration or promise that we can then declare, by faith, over each grandchild, agreeing with each other for these promises to be fulfilled. In so doing, we are also calling forth the generation of our grandchildren to be, in the words of Psalm 24, a generation of them that seek His face. You are invited to like and follow Gathering Grandparents on Facebook to see what people are saying about it and to find out where the next gathering will be.

Gathering Grandparents was developed, in collaboration with Ellen Boehm, at Glorious Praise World Outreach in Millersville, Missouri